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We carry a wide variety of products to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. From basic motor oils to electrical transformer oils and everything in between, we can meet your needs. Click into the catagory below that best suits your present question or need and check out what we have to offer. If you cannot find what you are looking for, simply click "contact us" from our home page and send us an email about your need.


We offer many suppliers for you to choose from. You may ask yourself, why so many choices? We feel there are many needs in the Lubricant Industry and by having the ability to offer more choices to our customers, we feel confident that we will have the product to meet your need. Click into the "Lubricants" link and check out the various Lubricant cagatories for you to choose from. PCMO Oils to Food Grade lubricants, we have a solution for you. If you can't find what you are looking for, please go to "contact us" on the left side of the Home Page and send us an e-mail describing what you are looking for. We will respond to you promptly.


We are pleased to announce our paper products line. In conjuntion with two of the leading providers of paper products we offer the very best available. From hand towels to absorbant pads for industrial applications we have something for you. We also offer eco friendly absorbant pads, rolls and socks made by using natural plant by-products. Tork Paper Products offers a complete line of versatile everyday solutions for clean ups and spills. The thick cloth like construction is highly absorbant and powerful. Their soft low-lint material makes them perfect for industrial cleaning, routine maintenance, even hand and face wiping. By clicking on the suppliers link you can get more information on all the products we handle. Not sure which item is best for you....just click on "contact us" at the left side of our homepage and e-mail us. We will be happy to help with your questions.


We offer a complete line of lube dispensing equipment. The products and equipment we provide are second to none in quality and performance, while remaining competitively priced. Our exceptional line of equipment ranges from hand barrel pumps to complete air operated grease systems. For a more in depth look at equipment available to you check out our equipment suppliers web-site link. Click on "contact us" with any questions you have about our products or their application and we will be happy to respond to you promptly.


Our biodegradable cleaner/degreasers are the best on the market today and effectively replace the flammable and combustible cleaners used in the past. Each product is safe enough to put on clothing for spot removal yet strong enough to clean dirty shop floors. Our cleaner is also approved for cleaning airplanes and is ultra concentrated - one container will complete several jobs. Weather you take it home or to the shop - it can do it all. Click the "cleaner/degreaser" link to learn more about our line of cleaning products.


If you are looking for brake parts cleaner, diesel fuel anti-gel or anti-freeze we have them all. Our parts washer fluid is solvent based or water based to meet your needs. We have a full line of extended life anti-freeze products for both heavy duty and automotive application. We also have the conventional green anti-freezes in stock. We also carry -50 to -100 RV & marine anti-freeze. We carry a full line of diesel fuel anti-gel and fuel system conditioners. Click this link to see the various products we have to offer. If you don't find what you are looking for, click the "contact us" link on the home page and send us an e-mail, we will respond to you promptly.

Filters & Wiper Blades

In todays engines, filtration plays a vital part in your engines life cycle. Our filters range from automotive oil and air to heavy duty trucks. Reasonably priced, our filters are a wise investment in protecting the life of your vehicle. Click the "filters" link to see what we have available. If you do not see what you are looking for send us an e-mail by clicking the "contact us" link from our home page. We are eager to help you with whatever you are looking for and will be happy to assist you promptly.

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